the inner light of confidence

i've returned to "the world" after three months of intensive meditation retreat.  i can't say that it was easy but it was transformative and very healing.  i feel so grateful to have been able to participate in the retreat and to have stuck it out even when i wanted to run away.  such is the gift... Continue Reading →

Why we Pay Attention

When I arrived at the park a peach fireball brushed the edge of the lake, casting the sky salmon, violet, and cream. The final few clouds from the past night’s storms dotted the southern sky and birds flew in all directions – trails of cormorants low along the water, swoops of gulls overhead, and puffs... Continue Reading →

Easter Reflection

“Amen. He is risen. Alléluia!” the minister proclaimed as a trail of cormorants flew low over Lake Ontario, still and smooth at daybreak. These words marked conclusion of the Easter Sunrise Service though the sun didn’t show itself that day. The great lake mirrored the sky and both hovered around a hue of creamy turquoise,... Continue Reading →

here and now, and nowhere

dear ones, in the northern hemisphere, the days have been short and the nights have been long.  in vermont, where i'll stay until march, the sun has been rising at 8am and setting before 4pm.  the winter solstice is clearly here.  it's a time for resting, reflecting, and restoring ourselves from the activity of the... Continue Reading →

Our True Names

"Please Call Me By My True Names" is perhaps the most famous poem by my teacher, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. It is well loved by thousands and we often sing one of the verses in gatherings. I have a particular love for this poem because it was the first piece that I read by Thay.... Continue Reading →

Wearing Robes in the City

People sometimes ask what it's like to walk around in public as a monastic, especially in a city. It's a good question that doesn't have just one answer. Sometimes the unique appearance elicits curiosity and connection. Other times it elicits avoidance and tension. But no matter the reaction, there's always a chance to learn about... Continue Reading →

i found a little peacock feather today while walking along a dried creek bed there was dirt stuck to the down but there was no mistaking that all-seeing eye the feather startled me a burst of color amidst the dust and fallen leaves the dog shit and scattered trash but really, why wouldn’t there be a peacock feather... Continue Reading →

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